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Dr. Ock Soo Park

Representative of Advisor

Although young people these days wear the latest designer brands and do what they can to create an ideal lifestyle for themselves, they do not have true freedom or peace in their hearts. Today’s youths have long since been ill-equipped to bear the responsibilities of their generation, and do not possess the values to lead this world into tomorrow. Nevertheless, they are our hope. ILNA strives to take on the
difficulties and worries of our young people working with IYF, as well as support their fights and efforts, because they represent the future. ILNA possesses an active, youthful energy and a beautiful spirit of exchange and service while embracing sacrifice and challenge. ILNA is becoming a cradle for tomorrow’s global leaders who wish to pursue their dreams and develop a strong heart. Like stars that brighten the dark night sky, the youth of ILNA will become lights that illuminate the world.

David Sullivan 

Special Programs Director

Anadarko Public Schools

Indigenous youth face many obstacles in their lives. Their communities are negatively impacted by historical and contemporary risk factors including substance abuse, incarceration, alcoholism, racism, and many forms of trauma. The youth pattern their lives on social media messages showing people seemingly living lives of happiness, success, and extreme riches; yet these messages are often fabricated images based on lies and exaggeration. This environment negatively impacts our youth and we often feel helpless as we watch them live in defeat. ILNA is a positive pathway for our youth. ILNA provides multiple opportunities for youth to gain global competence and connections through leadership activities. ILNA is designed to transform young lives as they learn to navigate the world and become future leaders of our communities.  

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